The Top of Our Game With a striking new silhouette reminiscent of days past and the unique upscale appearance of our mahogany finish with satin black corners and metal trim, this is a whole new cat from Valley. The Top Cat. We combine the proven Panther ZD-X electronics package, looks unlike any other Valley table, and the ease of serviceability and maintenance exactly like other Valley tables. Premium Duramith Balls from Aramith and Championship Worsted Ultra cloth with Teflon enhance the player experience. Top Cat will look right at home in your top locations. Tops in looks, tops in earnings.

  1. Mahogany stain and laminate finish with carved wooden rope trim
  2. Satin black accented flush-mount corners and metal trim give a elegant appearance
  3. Motion-sensitive lighting in ball view and coin door areas
  4. Secure ball view window to eliminate lost revenue
  5. Panther-Proven electronics package with uprated 26a Interstate Battery. Includes multiple Happy Hour and Bonus Pricing features and convenient program copy option
  6. Oversized secure service door for easy battery and motor access
  7. Championship Worsted Ultra Billiard Cloth with Teflon for speed and durability
  8. Five-bolt cushion rails with thicker backing for strength and rigidity
  9. Available with Cardreader
  1. Magnetic cue ball separator with no moving parts uses a cue ball the EXACT SAME SIZE AND WEIGHT as the object balls.
  1. Valley exclusive Dual-Density cushion rail rubber by D&R Championship – for responsiveness, accuracy and long life.
  2. Diamond markers, permanently printed and coated with clear Melamine layer
  3. Quality imported slate
  4. Replaceable coin chute housing. Breaks away without damaging cabinet, replaced easily.
  5. Adjustable push chute included even on DBA tables – never any down time
  6. Coin counter on door for improved visibility
  7. One-piece ball collector with chalk relief slots, quieter with no hang-ups
  8. Internally supported slate
  9. Proudly U.S. built in Richland Hills, TX.