Valley Cougar Cue Ball

Valley-Dynamo™ introduces the new Valley Cougar Cue Ball by Aramith. As the official cue ball of the 25th annual VNEA International Championships, the new Valley Cougar Cue Ball played to perfection on all 300-Valley pool tables. Gary Benson of High Country Promotions in Colorado stated that, “Players really like it; the cougar ball played perfectly!” Valley-Dynamo has taken the popular Aramith, 2 ¼” magnetic cue ball and added the prominent Valley Cougar logo to enhance the image of this already perfect cue ball.

  1. The new Valley Cougar Cue Ball offers players perfect performance and operators more reliable separation. It increases play, profits and image. 
  3. Predominant Valley® Cougar® logo
  4. Made of pure phenolic resin
  5. Last up to five times longer than other balls
  6. Exceptional playing characteristics for tournament use
  7. Extra hard phenolic surface
  8. Reduces burns on ball and cloth
  9. Enhances image
  10. Magnetic cue ball, perfect with all valley pool tables

  11. Model Number: 20900046