Black Cat

The Black Cat is a distinctive table with contemporary appeal. Built to the same exacting standards as all other Valley tables, the Black Cat is rugged enough for to withstand a commercial environment, but made for the home

  1. Solid, one piece, 3/4 " imported slate
  2. Tapered corners and legs for an aggressive stance
  3. One-piece ball return chute nearly eliminates stuck balls
  4. Easy-to-adjust leg leveler allows one person to level a table in minutes with standard wrench
  5. Solid aluminum slate support assembly provides structural integrity and a flat playing surface
  6. Thick cushion rail rubber delivers consistent bounce
  7. Charcoal colored laminate with crystal flecks compliments a variety of decors
  8. Chrome corners and matching trim for a sleek, stealthy look
  9. Valley Teflon Ultra Stain-Resistant burgundy cloth helps resist stains

  10. Combine these exceptional extras with the other standard Valley features, and you,ve got a dramatic pool table that,s in a class by itself.