Dynamo Sedona DBA

The programmability Operators and Locations have been asking for is added to the Sedona’s Southwestern flair to create the Dynamo Sedona DBA. Equipped with an MEI Bill Acceptor and a new 18amp Interstate Battery. Electronic enhancements include convenient program copying, additional happy hour and bonus pricing options, improved battery protection, a one-touch battery voltage check feature and league dues capability.

  1. Improved programmability allows for program copy, league dues, additional happy hour and bonus pricing options. You table can do more for you than ever before.
  2. 18amp Interstate Battery with 3amp Quick Charger cuts charging time
  3. Separate on-board clock battery
  4. MEI bill acceptor
  5. Exclusive quiet package reduces noise of ball return system
  6. Reinforced ABS molded legs and easy-adjustment leg levelers
  7. Magnetic cue ball separator has no moving parts; designed to separate both magnetic and oversized balls
  8. New “Death to the Dead Spot” rails for improved play action
  9. Hardwood rails screwed into table for stronger construction and easy replacement
  10. High-quality cabinet construction; wear parts covered with metal or plastic for longer life
  11. Push lock pocket fasteners secure rubber pocket liners
  12. Heavy gauge, galvanized steel slate support
  13. Battery located to enlarged clean out door area for easier access
  14. Imported slate